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Background & Information

Nov. 10th, 2011 | 10:37 pm

Character: Yamashita Tomohisa
Journal: tsutzuketeita
Band/Solo/Ethnicity: Solo/Former NEWS member/Japanese
Race: Archangel (Gabriel)
Occupation: Funeral Director
Character History: Gabriel. The name was synonymous with most Biblical stories. Gabriel was the Archangel second only to Michael. It was his charge to deliver the messages of God to the angelic hosts, as well as the humans down on Earth. He was the one that journeyed to Earth, told the Virgin Mary of her honor and duty as the Holy Mother; was instrumental in the punishment of Sodom and Gomorrah. From time immemorial, Gabriel has been the Messenger of God. When God needed a message sent to Daniel, it was Gabriel who delivered it. With the birth of the Son of God, it was Gabriel who told the wise men of the event.

Through out history, Gabriel has been the one that helped shape events. Even though the majority of the time he was just passing on the Word of God. Loyal to a fault, Gabriel has always been the one to be on the straight and narrow; to follow his Father’s will, no matter the hardship and heartache it caused. Loyalty to his Family and his Father is what has always driven Gabriel. When his Father gave the order to return to Earth, Gabriel went without question. It was his Father’s will, so it would be so.

It never really dawned on him that he was being asked hunt down and kill demons. His Father wished it, so whatever He wished would be granted. The apocalypse had a destined time and place in which to occur, and the demons were screwing with that timeline. The consequences of their decision could prove disastrous for them all. Gabriel just could not let this happen. Michael’s Sword of Truth would be called upon once more to bring death and destruction upon the hosts of Satan and world would be plunged into a pit of chaos. If the balance wasn’t restored, it wouldn’t make any difference if they won or lost. All of creation would be in jeopardy.

So, Gabriel sought out a vessel among the humans.

That vessel, one Yamashita Tomohisa, had grown up in Tokyo to a troubled household. His mother had been born and bred as a Roman Catholic, whereas his father was a devout Buddhist. There were many arguments between the two parents. From the moment of Tomohisa’s birth, his mother and father fought over how to properly raise him. By the time he’d turn five years old, his parents had finally come to the conclusion that they just could not live together any longer. Their religious differences were just too great; the shouting matches they had every other day was putting far too much stress on their family and they agreed it would be best to part ways.

Tomohisa’s mother changed her surname back to what it had been before she married, and requested her son’s name be changed as well. Once she’d regained the name of Yamashita, she took her son, packed up her bags, and moved to Seoul, South Korea. She had family there, and they would help her give her son a strong religious background.

Life in South Korea wasn’t anything like Japan. Luckily for Tomohisa, he’d been so young when he moved that he adapted quickly to the new environment and language. His family believed in the old adage ‘spare the rod spoil the child,’ and thus, his life was filled with many rules. He was taught to never speak unless spoken to, to always keep his opinions to himself unless asked for them specifically. A quiet child, he believed in the fundamental goodness of all people. By the age of seven, he’d become an altar boy in the local Catholic church.

He learned all of the lessons he needed to learn, and he did everything he could to make his family happy. When the local priest suggested he enter the seminary and become a priest himself, his family was overjoyed at the honor. And so, after graduating high school, Tomohisa moved to New York City and entered the Catholic seminary. In order to support himself through school, he became a part time postal worker. His life was normal, or as normal as one could get when working as a postal employee and studying to become a priest.

Life was stressful, with the demands of work, school and family. At the age of twenty-five, Tomohisa felt overwhelmed. It was at this point in his life that the visions began. A bright light would fill his room, and a disembodied voice would console him, give him encouragement and faith. God had a plan for him, and he was the only one that could fulfill it. It was not an easy thing that he must do, and it very well could challenge the very boundaries of his beliefs and faith.

He went to his counseling priest the next day, telling him of this vision. The priest had heard it all before, especially from those that were stressed and overworking themselves. He suggested that if these visions were true, that Tomohisa should question the spirit, find out who or what it could be. So, Tomohisa did what he suggested the very next night when the vision returned.

Questioning the spirit, asking for its name, he bowed in awe and fear when he was given the name of Gabriel, the Archangel. He knew that no false spirit would dare to impersonate such a powerful being. The Messenger Angel imparted his mission to the young human, telling him of the perils that would befall the world if his mission were to fail. Tomohisa’s faith was tested that night, as Gabriel hid nothing from him, including the possibility of his death from being a vessel of the Lord’s Archangel.

To say he was not afraid would have been a lie. But all of his life, he’d felt the call of the Lord. His father would have said it was just his mother’s brainwashing, but in his heart, he knew it to be true. His calling was to become the vessel of Gabriel. He accepted this with open arms, giving his body and soul to that of the Archangel. It wasn't long after this that he managed to get a job at a local funeral parlor as the funeral director. It seemed to coincide with the angel quite well.

Gabriel was touched, and vowed to protect the young human, to do his utmost to keep his soul safe and his body whole. It was time for the mission to begin.

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